For this year's conference, we will be hosting virtual social events and networking in Kumospace to simulate the experience of wandering the halls and striking up conversations with other attendees. There will be a series of themed rooms where people can gather. Grab a real or virtual beverage, wander the galleries and start conversations with the High School Essay Contest winners and featured artists in attendance! It will be an evening of engaging conversations to kick off the Congress prior to a screening of the documentary, Inherent Good.

This year, we have constructed one of the rooms as a Virtual Gallery to display artwork from the artists attending NABIG this year. Guests will be able to walk through the rooms, view the art, check out their portfolios, and start conversations with artists in attendance.

Participants will also be invited to meet and engage in conversations with the two winners of the first ever High School UBI Essay Contest - one from the United States and one from Canada. Students in particular - including high school and college students - are invited to this Kumospace room to meet each other, network, make connections, and brainstorm ways to continue the conversation beyond the congress.

Make sure you have registered for the full conference to gain access to all programming.

HS Essay Contest Winners:

Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller is a Junior in High School interested in monetary economics. He is a research assistant at the UBI Center. He hosts the ThinkCritical Podcast and runs a blog called InTheAggregate.

Miranda Reid

Featured Artists:

Jessie Golem, Humans of Basic Income

Jessie has been involved in photography, for almost ten years. In 2018 Jessie used her skills in photography to produce a photo series called Humans of Basic Income that amplifies the stories of the recipients of the prematurely cancelled Basic Income Pilot Project in Ontario. Her photos have been exhibited across Canada and the world. In 2019, Jessie exhibited Humans of Basic Income at Supercrawl in Hamilton, Ontario, the CONTACT Photography Festival in Toronto ON, the North American Basic Income Congress in New York City USA, and the Basic Income Earth Congress in Hyderabad, India.

Keiko Sono, Forge Collective

"Keiko Sono founded Forge Collective to design a system that aligns with the intrinsic values and motivations of people. She is the host and producer of Intrinsic podcast. She directed Catskill Waters, a public outreach program funded by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. She is a recipient of the Pollock-Krasner fellowship and Arts Mid-Hudson Individual Artist Grant. She served as Visiting Artist at SUNY Ulster Community College and at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. She has conducted workshops in various institutions, including the SUSI program at Bard Center for Civic Engagement (funded by the US State Department) and the Art Practice MFA program at the School of Visual Art."

Basic Income YYC Arts Collective, Disability Action Hall

David Calderoni, Associação do Movimento das Invenções Democráticas (AMID)

Chelsea Wilkinson, HELLSEA

Moderated by:

Stacey Rutland


The date


June 17, 2021


5:30 pm

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New to Basic Income

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