Join us on Kumospace to reflect and further discuss topics covered during the first full day of the NABIG Conference. There are a variety of rooms  available to chat about whatever topics are most important to you.

On this evening, there will also be a special room on Kumospace where a writing workshop will take place. In this room, you will explore together ideas: What would a future in which Basic Income has been implemented look like? This interactive session has exactly that aim: imagining such futures and getting a glimpse on how to write short stories that describe them! Powerful short stories that show potential futures where Basic Income is a reality can develop an emotional connection to those fictional narratives, in the same way various forms of literature have been doing for centuries, followed by movies and TV series, and even video games and podcasts nowadays. In this event we'll play with a method that can help imagine fictional futures and write engaging short stories that describe them, adding a creative tool to our advocacy practice!

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About The Panelist

Antonios Triantafyllakis, Unconditional Basic Income Europe (UBIE)

Antonios has been an advocate for Basic Income for the past decade, currently working on making it a reality in Europe through UBIE. Having endured poverty, structural drawbacks and conditional inefficiencies while discovering his purpose, he has felt the need for Basic Income in practice. Suffering also from...creativity, he's joining NABIG with a new tool to advocate for Basic Income: storytelling!


The date


June 18, 2021


7:30 pm

Who is this workshop for?


New to Basic Income

Community Organizers

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